econopop is a four piece acoustic-based pop band from Knoxville, Tennessee. Placing strong emphasis on songcraft, economical arrangements (hence the name…) and tight three-part harmonies, econopop performs original songs written by lead vocalist/acoustic guitarist John T. Baker (The French Broads, Westside Daredevils, Ampient ). The band is rounded out by several noted Knoxville musicians: Gray Comer (Westside Daredevils) plays a minimal drum kit consisting of bass drum, snare and one cymbal. Multi-instrumentalist George Middlebrooks (Stolen Sheep, Ampient ) provides electric guitar and vocals. Bo Ratliff (El Smarto, Stinkfoot USA) rounds out the band on bass guitar and vocals.

New Recordings

Our latest collection of songs is available for free download right here.

<a href="">Baby's Second Head by Econopop</a>


Upcoming Shows

Nothing booked right now.

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